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Name: Brian Campo
PB: Milo Ventimiglia
Age: 32
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey
Religion: Agnostic

Brian Campo was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1982. An only child, he spent a significant amount of time on his own, especially after the divorce of his parents when he was twelve. Brian grew up in his mother’s working class household, sharing summers with his father until adulthood and the eventual passing of his father, who had smoked like a chimney most of his life and developed heart disease. This is a habit Brian has unfortunately refused to kick, except in the presence of his ten-year-old daughter Angela, whom he sees approximately one weekend a month. Angela is the by-product of a short-lived and casual fling with Dena, and so Brian’s relationship with her mother is sometimes polite, often strained, but blessedly limited; the pair live several hours away with Dena’s parents.

Dena had other reasons for taking her daughter to suburbia. Having cleaned up her act on a weekly dose of church and daily parental guilt, she will claim that her negative attitude towards Brian is due to his lifestyle choices (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, recreational drug use), the fact that Brian walks the straight and narrow whenever Angela is close to hand notwithstanding. The honest truth is that she is afraid of what he can do and whether it might rub off on their kid.

Brian is a touch-tell (post-cognition). That means he is able to read residual psychic energy on objects and in locations and interpret it as image and sound. When it’s particularly strong, these “memories” can produce debilitating headaches and sensory overload. Further, they aren’t foolproof. On more than one occasion, what Brian interpreted turned out to be a false alarm Just because you “remember” a murder doesn’t mean it happened; it may have been someone’s very vivid daydream, especially a person with extrasensory perception (ex. telepathy).

In terms of personality, Brian can be described as occasionally withdrawn, sometimes cynical and self-effacing, but quite passionate and artistic. His hobbies are playing piano and reading.

He keeps himself afloat on two jobs: above board, he owns a small music store font that barely turns a profit (it sells mostly vinyl, collectibles, and apparel). Below the table, he is an informant. He has been paid by police and private citizens to confidentially investigate scenes and objects in exchange for cash. He should not be mistaken for a squeaky clean white hat; just because he knows what happened doesn’t mean he always solves the crime (everyone has a price).

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